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UA Legacy Grants is a game-changer when it comes to fundraising.  Never before has there been so much incentive for donors to support your cause.

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If you’d like to reduce the frequency of how often you fundraise or possibly eliminate the need to do so over the course of time, then you’ll want to consider a few options.

If you already have some existing funds to work with, you’ll want to consider investing in a $1,485 Legacy Grant Package that creates an ongoing monthly income of up to $1,500 within 12 months.  Smaller packages also available.

When your donors assist your organization by purchasing a UA Legacy Grant Package, this creates ongoing income for both the donor AND your organization.  Within a year, the $1,485 UALG Package creates an “up to $1,500/mo.” income for the donor AND an “up to $300/mo.” income for your organization (based on each Donor being allowed to donate up to 3 of their Abundance Packs per 15-Pack Purchase).

If you have no funds to work with or want to “get to know” us and our program better over the course of time, your organization can apply for a FREE Organizational Grant Recipient position.  As you begin to make funds as a grant recipient of a UA Abundance Package that creates an eventual up to $100/mo., you can reinvest some of those funds into the program to increase your monthly earnings.

If you’d like to speak with us to learn more about how the UA Legacy Grant Program could be of assistance to your fundraising efforts, you may schedule with us using the button below.  Or, if you’d just like to start off with providing us with some basic info about your organization, you can fill out the Organization Discovery Form using the button below.

Why Fundraise the Hard Way?

There’s no need “to do it the hard way” anymore because UA Legacy Grants has done what’s never been done before in the history of fundraising.

We’ve created “Incentivized Giving”, which basically means the donor is incentivized to give because they are going to receive a whole lot more than they give, over the course of time.

This is something that both parties involved can feel very good about.  And it’s an excellent magnet for maintaining long-term relationships between the donor and your organization.

In fact, instead of asking for help, by inviting the potential donor to participate in the UALG Program, you’re ultimately helping the donor.

And, the hardest problem you’ll have getting new donors on board is that they might think the program is “too good to be true” because of how much they can make by helping your organization.  And that’s a good problem to have.


Although there is no requirement to do so, you can directly help the individuals that your organization serves when you assign individual UA Abundance Packages that you’ve either purchased or received.  

This way, you are not only helping your organization itself, but you are also helping to financially empower those that your organization serves.

When individuals that your organization serves become recipients of a UA Abundance Package, the additional income and financial wellness benefits have the power to change people’s lives. 

Grant recipients have the option of essentially having their own business through the UA opportunity which we provide training, guidance, and support for as we help them on their journey to become successful and prosperous. 

The UALG Program allows those you serve to grow their income far beyond the baseline level that even the grant provides for them.  When individuals create financial independence for themselves, they may then be less dependent upon your organization and may be even able to eventually pay-it-forward to help your organization and other individuals in the future.

how giving works

Whether your organization purchases a UA Legacy Grant Package or whether you have donors contribute them to your cause, this video explains more about the UA Legacy Grant Program and how everyone can Earn By Giving.

To learn more about how the Legacy Grant Program works for potential grant recipients, click the link below.

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