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UA Legacy Grants (UALG) is a non-profit organization and sister company to Universal Achievers. 

UALG was formed in 2020 for the purpose of serving many more people and organizations, especially those that normally wouldn’t be able to easily participate in, and receive, the financial wellness benefits afforded through our Universal Achievers offerings.  

We help individuals and organizations to reach their financial goals through our Incentivized Giving program. 

Between grant donors and our contributions, we are able to provide granted financial wellness packages to those in need.  

We also serve a special niche:  organizations that fundraise. 

Our mission is to empower over 1 million individuals with the ability to not only have financial abundance for their families but also for them to be able to give freely to the worthy causes they are passionate about.

meet our founder:
mark miller

For many years, our founder, Mark Miller, wanted to create a way to help as many people as possible to give to the charities and causes that they found to be worthy, while also being able to optimally support their families and their financial goals.


And, along Mark’s journey, working in various financial and ministry roles, he found just the way to accomplish what he had long wanted to be able to do for the world.

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