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If you or your organization are in need of financial assistance, you’re invited to apply to be a UA Legacy Grant Recipient.

help when you need it

Sometimes people just need a financial break.  UA Legacy Grants knows this and wants to help you or your family. 

That’s why we help you with temporary financial assistance, financial literacy, and a pathway to financial dependence by providing entrepreneurial support & guidance.

When you’re approved to be a grant recipient, you’ll be on a path to receiving $100/mo for 12 months.

You’ll also receive additional financial wellness benefits.

You can apply now by clicking the Application For Individuals button below.


Grant Recipients receive these additional financial wellness benefits:

college scholarship program

Access to a college scholarship program which allows you to earn an additional $500/yr. towards all your eligible relatives’ eventual college tuition, at over 400 participating colleges.

financial education platform

Access to a financial education platform that helps you to become debt-free and to create a tax-free retirement.

discounts and savings platform

Access to a discounts and savings platform that will help you save money on your local and online purchases.

advertising platform

For online and brick and mortar business owners, you have the ability to advertise for free on our affiliated advertising platform.

asked questions

how much income is involved?

After grant activation, recipients receive $100/month for 12 months.

The total grant amount is for $1,200.

how quickly do I receive the income?

Upon being approved for a grant, you must complete the online Grant Recipient Orientation in full.  The following month is for your payment details setup, and then you’re paid on or before the 15th of the next month.

what are the application requirements?

Applicants must currently be U.S. or Canadian residents with an SSN or a TIN.

Applicants must also be 18 years of age or older.

There are no other qualifications.

What can the grant funds be used for?

Grant recipients are not limited in how they can use the funds.


Funds can be used for any legal purposes grant recipients see fit, including paying bills, education costs, purchasing necessary items, elder or child care.

do I have to buy or do anything to receive the income?

No, you never have to buy or sell anything as a Grant Recipient.

You are, however, required to watch the Grant Recipient Orientation in order to begin payouts.

how can I make more than the maximum of up to $100/mo?

During the Grant Orientation, you will learn how you can make additional income, separate and apart from your grant funds.

You aren’t required to spend money if you choose to participate in the opportunity available to you.

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