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If you or your organization are in need of financial assistance, you’re invited to apply to be a UA Legacy Grant Recipient.

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Sometimes people just need a financial break.  UA Legacy Grants knows this and wants to help you or your organization.

When you’re approved to be a grant recipient, you’ll be on a path to making up to $100/mo.

You’ll also receive all the other benefits that each UA Abundance Package offers.

You can apply now by clicking the appropriate button below.

the ua Abundance package

Each UA Legacy Grant Package is comprised of 3, 4, or 15 individual UA Abundance Packages in a bundle. Here's what each $99 UA Abundance Package includes:

eligibility to receive income

Each Abundance Package (AP) creates up to $100/mo. income when the package fully matures. Additionally, owners of APs are eligible to receive Thank You Bonuses when they refer others who purchase APs.

college scholarship program

Access to a college scholarship program which allows you to earn an additional $500/yr. towards all your eligible relatives’ eventual college tuition, at over 400 participating colleges.

financial education platform

Access to a financial education platform that helps you to become debt-free and to create a tax-free retirement.

discounts and savings platform

Access to a discounts and savings platform that will help you save money on your local and online purchases.

advertising platform

For online and brick and mortar business owners, you have the ability to advertise for free on our affiliated advertising platform.

asked questions

how much income is involved?

Over the course of the first year of payouts, your income starts at up to $10 and increases to “up to $100/Mo” by Month 11.

Payouts at the “up to $100/Mo” max. payout level continue from Month 11 through Month 60.

how quickly do I receive the income?

When your Grant Recipient position is activated in Month 0, then Month 1 is your “waiting month”.


Then, in Month 2, your monthly payouts begin.

do I have to buy or do anything to receive the income?

You never have to buy anything at all or spend your own money in any way as a Grant Recipient.

You are required to watch 30 minutes of orientation videos before receiving your income.

Additionally, as is stated in the application for individuals, we ask that you provide testimonials at 3 separate benchmarks in your UA Abundance journey.

how can I make more than the maximum of up to $100/mo?

You are welcome to purchase additional UA Abundance Packages ($99 each).  Each additional Abundance Package (AP) will create, when maximized, up to $100/mo. of additional income for you.

You can earn Thank You Bonuses of $10 anytime someone you’ve referred purchases an AP. You also earn an additional  AP when you sell a UA Legacy Grant 15-Pack.

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