Sow a seed. reap a harvest.

We help families experiencing financial hardship.

the legacy grant program

financial literacy & abundance

UA Legacy Grant’s mission is to help over 1 million individuals and their families to benefit from improved financial literacy and direct financial wellness enhancement.

Our mission is significantly funded by our partner, Universal Achievers (UA).

Need financial

you can apply to be a grant recipient

Having trouble paying your bills?  Never have enough extra money to have or accomplish what you’d like to?  Sick of financial stress?  


Becoming a UA Legacy Grant Recipient has the potential to change your financial comfort level and gives you unlimited capacity for financial growth.   

in need
Our Grants Can Help You or Your Organization to get the financial assistance you need


experience financial abundance & help others

You have the unique opportunity to support the UA Legacy Grant Program when you make a purchase of a Universal Achievers (UA) Abundance Package.

UA’s Purchase With Purpose program allows you to support UALG’s grant applicants or an organization or charity of your choice that apply to be grant recipients. 


Your purchase provides you with both financial wellness benefits and a stream of monthly passive income for the duration of the package’s lifespan.

Does fundraising seem to take up too much of your time and effort?  Would you like to put fundraising on auto-pilot as much as possible? If so, we can help.

You can attract more potential donors to your cause by using the UA Legacy Grants Program.  People like to support worthy causes, but they’re more apt to do so when they can also benefit.

Why Fundraise the Hard Way?

UA Legacy Grants has created a whole new way to fundraise.


Do you think it would make it a lot easier for people to give to your cause if their donation would create an ongoing passive income for them as well as for your organization?


Yes, we do too.



giving unto others

Our founder, Mark Miller, was inspired to take the age-old principle of sowing and reaping and apply it to the UA Legacy Grants concept:


“Sow A Seed. Reap A Harvest”

Seeds sown in the right place, with the right spirit and intention to sustain not just oneself, but others as well, will create greater abundance for all.  Always sow to the size of the harvest you desire to reap.


With that said, we look forward to helping you, your family, your community, or the organization you represent, be able to reap an unending harvest of abundance.

helping families and charities

For many years, our founder, Mark Miller, wanted to create a way to help as many people as possible to give to the charities and causes that they found to be worthy, while also being able to optimally support their families and their financial goals.


And, along Mark’s journey, working in various financial roles, he found just the way to accomplish what he had long wanted to be able to do for the world.

It's been about what I could do with what God has given me to try to help as many people as possible to have the ability to do their good works.

mark miller


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