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When you purchase a UA Legacy Grant Package, you establish an ongoing income stream for yourself, while at the same time doing so for others.

ua Legacy Grant packages


the ua Abundance package

Each UA Legacy Grant Package is comprised of 3, 4, or 15 individual UA Abundance Packages. And, each UA Abundance Package includes the following:

monthly income booster

The monthly income booster results in a $300/mo. income when the package fully matures. Maturation rate depends on a number of factors if you are buying individual UA Abundance Packages as opposed to UA Legacy Grant Package bundles.

vacation and christmas bonuses

After each package reaches the $300 maximum monthly payout level, each of these 2 bonuses are then paid out every 6 months thereafter for a total of $1,500 of bonuses/yr.

college scholarship program

Access to a college scholarship program which allows you to earn an additional $500/yr. towards all your eligible relatives’ eventual college tuition, at over 400 participating colleges.

financial education platform

Access to a financial education platform that helps you to become debt-free and to create a tax-free retirement.

discounts and savings platform

Access to a discounts and savings platform that will help you save money on your local and online purchases.

advertising platform

For online and brick and mortar business owners, you have the ability to advertise for free on our affiliated advertising platform.

have a favorite charity you'd like to support?

You can assign some or all of your granted UA Abundance Packages to a charity of your choice.

The organization simply needs to complete a Legacy Grant Program Application For Organizations within 30 days of your Legacy Grant Package purchase.

would you like to help some people in financial need?

You can assign some or all of your granted UA Abundance Packages to help individuals in need.

They simply need to complete a Legacy Grant Program Application For Individuals within 30 days of your Legacy Grant Package purchase.

be the blessing

By participating in our grant donor program, YOU could be the blessing that will allow grant recipients to receive a monthly income through the program and that also empowers them with the skills to grow their income far beyond the level that even the grant provides for them.

By that, we mean that grant recipients have the option of essentially having their own business through our sister “for-profit” company, Universal Achievers, which we provide training, guidance, and support for as we help them on their journey to become successful and prosperous. 

what will your legacy be?
will your contribution have helped to improve the lives of others?

have questions?

we'd be Happy to speak with you!

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