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UA is debt-free and was designed on purpose to be able to assist every single participant in the best way possible by giving them the ability to Make More and Save More so they can take care of their financial needs and have more than enough so they can Give More to the worthy causes they care about.

The Profit-Sharing Formula is an algorithm with a number of parts.

And money is set aside for Profit-Sharing:

  • Each time a purchase of an Abundance Package takes place
  • Each time a Matching Grant from our non-profit entity, UA Legacy Grants takes place
  • And each time UA receives funding from our various attached revenue streams that were put in place to enhance the company’s ability to profit share at an optimal payout level.

The payout timeline is the same for all Achievers (Donors, Recipients, and Purchasers of 1-Packs).


From the date of purchase and/or date of grant recipient position activation (not application approval date, though they can be the same date in some cases), regardless of day of the month, that month is considered Month 0.


The following month is Month 1 which is waiting month during which no payouts, except Thank You Bonuses from sales made in Month 0, are paid.


In Month 2, monthly payouts begin according to the payout maturity schedule.



No. Our unique approach to creating passive income for you does not require you to sign up or enroll any other “Achievers” (affiliates), though we do compensate you with a 1x Thank You Bonus of $10/Abundance Package sold. 

Additional to the Thank You Bonus, sales of 15-Packs create 1 additional Promoter spot (1 Abundance Pack ) as compensation to the referring  Achiever.

No. Besides the fact that true pyramid and Ponzi schemes are illegal, here are two absolutely sure ways to know that UALG is neither of those schemes:

People who run illegal businesses wouldn’t offer free grant recipient spots for grant applicants in financial need, nor would they be anywhere near as generous with their payouts as UALG is with theirs.

UALG’s goal is to help others financially for the long-term rather than to enrich themselves only in the short-term.

Unfortunately, at the present time UALG is only serving individuals and organizations based in the United States.

However, if you are inquiring from outside of the United States and have a ministry or service supported by individuals in the United States, you are welcome to contact us so we may determine if there’s a way we could assist your cause.

No.  You certainly may assign your grant recipient spots to individuals or organizations that apply for their grant recipient spots within 30 days of your UALG Package, but, if you don’t want to do so, UALG will assign your grant recipient spots to those on the UA Waiting List.

No.  When you purchase your UALG Package you have immediate full access to all the non-income-related benefits it provides, as do the assigned grant recipients, although the payout of funds follows the schedule based on the size of the UALG Package that you purchase.

Upon making your purchase, UALG immediately assigns funds into the UALG system to allow for a timely growth of funds and optimized profit. Therefore, all sales are final.

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