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Universal Achievers, Inc. is our “for profit” company founded in Nov. 2018.  UA Legacy Grants, Ltd. is our “not for profit” company founded in May 2020.  The two companies handshake together and allow us to create a great number of granted Abundance Packages that are given to UA Legacy Grant applicants, entirely free of charge to them. 

Our product that we offer is a $99 Abundance Package.  Each individual Abundance Package includes the following 6 benefits, monetary and non-monetary: 

(a)  Monthly Income Booster that maxes and continues at $300/mo.
(b)  Bonus payouts of $1,500/yr. ($750 every 6 months following the Monthly Income level reaching $300/mo.
(c)  College Scholarship Program – Each eligible family member can receive up to one full year of tuition paid for at one of 400 participating colleges.
(d)  Financial Wellness/Education Portal – Includes a financial education video library as well as LIVE financial wellness education/training events.
(e)  Deals & Discounts Platform membership, and,
(f)  Advertising Platform membership, for online or brick and mortar business owners, a membership valued at $489/year and only available for UA Affiliates.

Besides the single Abundance Packages we sell, we also offer “incentivized giving” packages, where a “grant donor” purchases a 3, 4 or 15 Pack of Abundance Packages, which results in the purchaser receiving the respective # of Abundance Packages purchased AND a set # of grant recipients being created by UA Legacy Grants, similar to a “matching grants” concept.   This way the “grant donor” can feel good about helping others while also benefitting oneself.  When someone purchases, for example, a UA Legacy Grant 15 Pack, they receive 15 Abundance Packages, and we create 11 Abundance Packages, at the same time, to give to grant recipients when that 15 Pack is purchased. 

A 15 Pack creates an initial payout of $300 within 3 months of purchase for the purchaser.  Within 12 months of the purchase, the monthly payout is $4,500/month, and that is paid on an ongoing basis.  During the process of the package payout maturing to the $4,500 maximum monthly payout per 15 Pack, there is step-like growth which means that Affiliates can expect that their monthly income will rise steadily along the way to the maximum monthly payout level.  The speed of growth varies based on sales, but the base level growth is built into the payout system, regardless of rate of new sales, which you’ll begin to understand more fully as you read on.  The original purchase of $1,485 is recouped within 5 payouts or less, or, it can similarly be said, within 8 months or less from the time of the original purchase.

Additionally, once the maximum monthly payout is reached, that activates a bonus payout of $750 six months later, and every 6 months thereafter, for each one of the 15 Packs.  As you can calculate, this is a monumental sum of money based on a one-time purchase of $1,485.

So the next logical question to ask is:

How Can UA Pay Out So Much on an Ongoing Basis Based on a One-Time Purchase Only?

There are many factors that make this seemingly difficult task very easy to accomplish:

1)  Both companies are 100% debt-free.

2)  We have very little overhead, no shareholders, and a great deal of automation that allows us to have optimal levels of profit to share and pay out to our Affiliates (purchasers and grant recipients).  Imagine subtracting out manufacturing costs, massive salary expenses, etc., and then you can imagine how much more people could pay out to their Affiliates/customers in such a scenario.

3)  Both companies were formed with the intent of helping people create ample sums of money to be able to help as many charities as possible.  In the process, UA Legacy Grants became a charitable organization as well, and we’re already helping numerous individuals and organizations to improve their financial well-being.

4)  Our goal has always been to be as giving and as generous as possible and that is definitely evident in our payout schedule.

5)  When we set aside the profit to be paid to our affiliates based on the amount and timeline we’ve defined, we also do something that we believe no other company has ever done:  we set aside more than enough profit to be able to pay for each person’s Abundance Package for the following month as well, as if they were paying for a new Abundance Package every month.  We could, quite literally, send every recipient of payouts an extra $99 each month, on top of their payout amounts, which they could send back to us, and we could enter into the books as a recurring subscription purchase.  Instead, we have simplified the process and removed those 2 extra steps.  So, it is virtually as if we are receiving a new payment each month from every Affiliate.  Therefore, unlike MLMs, we never lose a customer, and it is as if our customers pay in monthly and buy the same product every single month, even though they only pay for each Abundance Package one time, which is absolutely unheard of in the home-business realm.  As you might imagine, this creates high levels of profit for us to distribute because we never lose a customer and never miss a sale; those “sales” just happen to be handled through an internal accounting transaction.

6)  Each grant recipient’s Abundance Account (as opposed to the accounts of those with purchased packages) pays forward $198 for 2 more Abundance Packages (2 x $99=$198) before that Abundance Package’s payouts begin for the intended grant recipient. Theoretically, we could send each grant recipient those funds ($198), and they could buy 2 more Abundance Packages (APs) with those funds, but instead, 2 more grant recipient APs are created so that we can help as many grant recipients as possible.  Given that we have close to a 1:1 ratio of APs for grant recipients to those APs that are purchased, and each grant recipient’s account first pays for 2 more APs, you can begin to see the massive growth that takes place for UA, even outside of new sales that are taking place.

7)  Additionally, UA has created other income streams that feed into our profits through our UA partnerships, which serve to keep our profitability extremely robust.  These income streams are by no means a necessary component to make our payout schedule operational in perpetuity.  What they do serve to do though, is allow us to increase the rate of growth for our company and to allow us to create more grant recipient Packages.  This translates into all Affiliates reaching their max. level payouts ($300/mo/AP) sooner, being even more satisfied with their purchase (or grant), and then they buy more packages and/or tell more of their friends and family to buy packages.

8)  Our company allows any given Affiliate to purchase as many APs as they desire. Each AP is transferable and yields a maximum of $300/month. With this model vs. a more traditional home-based business model, more people receive payouts as opposed to just a few “top level/Diamond” earners winning. This way, profit is shared with a more even distribution, although certainly those that purchase multiple packs make more income than those that purchase fewer packs.

9)  UA doesn’t pay out Fast Start bonuses. There is a schedule, 4 months maximum for first payout on a 3 or 4 Pack purchase, and 3 months maximum on a 15 Pack purchase.  Profit that is normally paid off the top (when comparing to certain traditional businesses) along with the profit from our internal recurring “sales” is accrued during this waiting time that is timed according to our payout algorithm.

10)  Given that Corporate can also invest in Corporate Abundance Accounts, those accounts are established with the option of allowing the creation of even more Grant Recipient accounts per given time period OR they can create a profit overage in our system, which makes our company even more robust.  

11) Donations can also supplement how many extra granted Abundance Packages we can offer and how much we are able to payout to our grant recipients.  All UA Affiliates have the ability to set up, in our back office software, a 1x or monthly donations to UA Legacy Grants of $1 or greater.


To our knowledge, no company has ever asked the question, “How can we continue to pay for the monthly payments for the products/services we are providing to our customers, after they’ve made their initial 1x payment?” 

Our owner and founder, Mark Miller, asked the question.  And, he found the answer. 

Are we running our business differently than virtually every business in the marketplace?  It appears so, but that’s why we are getting phenomenal results before we’ve even begun a serious marketing campaign.

And with that, we will be able to do good works and help our fellow brothers and sisters of America to be prosperous and generous with those they wish to support and bless through their own charitable giving.

Our mission is to positively impact the lives and financial abundance of at least one million people.  We also envision being able to help eradicate homelessness across America.


“Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done.” – Robert A. Heinlein

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

“Give to others and God will give to you.  Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, poured into your hands – all that you can hold.  The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.”
 – Luke 6:38 (Good News Translation)


Contact Information:
Universal Achievers:,

UA Legacy Grants:,
Owner/Founder:  Mark Miller
Address:  814 E Main St., Richmond, IN 47374
Phone:  765-203-1367

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