In this video, we’ll give you a reminder of the 2 Grant Recipient requirements, which are very, very simple to fulfill, but it makes sense to provide them to you here as a reminder of the topics covered when you completed your Grant Recipient Application form.  All individuals, with the 2 exceptions listed here, are required to complete the Grant Recipient Orientation prior to having their first payouts released.

The requirement of watching the orientation modules does NOT apply to individuals who filled out their grant recipient application prior to Dec. 1, 2020, AND it does not apply to Organizations, who have been accepted as grant recipients.  So, basically it applies to all Individuals who applied on or after Dec. 1, 2020.  That being said, all are encouraged to watch these few short, informative modules, especially because you may appreciate how you can earn more than the amounts paid to you through your Grant Recipient position.

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