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Learn more about how you can pay off your debt faster, with the assistance of those who’ve made it their expertise to eliminate debt and put more money back in your wallet faster.

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The Velomon Group helps people get out of debt quickly and painlessly.  Their typical client is debt-free in about half the time it would otherwise take them (often less); and saves thousands in interest and unnecessary payments.

We are awarding individual Debt Freedom Grants ranging in value from $750 – $2,500 each.  Grants are applied – in cash – directly to the paydown of your debt through our program.   It’s not unusual for a $1,000 grant to save our clients $5,000 or more in interest and payments.

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Jay Beattey, our UA Partner, shares with us the basics about the Debt Freedom Program he offers.


As he explains, he and his team of experts handle the money mechanics, so you don’t have to.


He shares a story of how one couple experienced debt freedom in a timeline that will definitely “wow” you.


You can apply to be part of his program as well.  See if you qualify for a Debt Freedom Grant by applying using the button below.

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