Join us in our 1st spring Achievers Contest and win the Achievers Bonus in May!

Achievers Contest

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We want to have some fun together as we get the word out about UA Legacy Grants and how we are working together to help change people’s lives!

So, in order to incentivize the process of sharing what UA has to offer, over the next month and a half, between, March 16th, and Friday, April 30th at 11:59 PM EST,

the Achiever
 (anyone who has purchased packs or received them as a Grant Recipient) who earns the highest total Thank You Bonuses as the Referring Achiever will be given a $500 Achievers Bonus in addition to their May 15th payout.

All sales count toward the Thank You Bonus totals including 1-Packs, 3-Packs, 4-Packs, and 15-Packs.


To learn more about how Thank You Bonuses are generated, please review the UA Overview by clicking here.


If there is a tie, there will be an additional tiebreaker week of sales from May 1st through 11:59 PM EST on Friday May 7th. If a tie still remains, the Achievers Bonus will be split evenly amongst the tied winners.

Given that many people are receiving their stimulus checks right now, this is a perfect time for many to start their journey with UA. Our 15-Pack of Abundance Packages provides the right kind of financial boost that so many are looking for in these times.

When you share the good news about UA and help the people you care about to help others that they care about, a ripple effect occurs.

A giving spirit is contagious, and it’s so wonderful to see how our Achievers are looking out for their friends and loved ones.

Keep up the great sharing, and we can’t wait to see how the contest goes!

-Mark Miller, Founder

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