Top Fundraising Ideas for Your Next Campaign

Fundraising is a critical activity for many different groups, such as school clubs, sports teams, sororities and fraternities, churches, community associations, and more. But, fundraising is perhaps the most important for nonprofit organizations and charities. The funds these organizations raise from their donors allow them to continue the vital work they do and carry out their missions. 

With fundraising being so important, unique fundraising ideas are crucial for nonprofits to attract donors. In this article, we’ll explore some of the top fundraising ideas for your next campaign so you can reach the greatest number of donors and achieve the maximum impact with your work.

Great Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising is one of those things that is constantly changing, and the most effective approach is often dependent on the specific circumstance. That’s why many of the
best fundraising ideas are unique, flexible, and easy for donors. Here are some of the top ideas for fundraising to consider using for your next campaign:

1.  Use Technology

Just like with most other things in the world, fundraising is evolving and benefiting due to technology. That’s why you should be sure to use technology and the internet to your advantage when attempting to attract donors. Getting online will make things easier for both your organization and your donors, especially with
online giving growing by 20% in 2020. So, what are some ways to engage in online fundraising?

  • PayPal – PayPal is similar to Venmo (it’s actually Venmo’s parent company) and offers nonprofits and charities an easy, safe way to accept donations. PayPal allows you to set up a specific nonprofit account for your organization to make things even simpler. You can also include direct PayPal links and buttons on your website, in your emails, and on social media. This way, donors can simply sign in to their account and donate—no credit card numbers required!

  • Multi-Channel Communication – There are many different ways for your organization to reach donors—both recurring and new. Be sure to utilize all of the communication tools available to you, like texting, social media, email, sharing videos, and keeping your website up to date to reach more people. You won’t receive many donations if people can’t find your organization on the internet. Consistency is key, so be sure to get on a schedule for posting and communicating with your audience.

    • A specific tip for social media is to make a Facebook for Nonprofits account. If you are verified, there are many tools provided to help you reach more potential donors and fundraise directly on the platform. 

  • Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer Fundraising – Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraising are two great ways to reach a larger, more diverse audience. Both of these strategies involve many small donations, instead of a few large donations.


    Crowdfunding uses platforms like GoFundMe and Indiegogo to highlight a specific project or cause you are raising money for. Peer-to-peer fundraising involves your individual supporters setting up their own fundraising pages and sharing them with their own network to bring in donations supporting your organization.

2.  Host Special Events

Hosting special events is another great fundraising tool to help bring in donations for your cause. When you host an event, you can use it to thank your supporters and also attract new ones at the same time. Some of the top fundraising events include:

  • Galas – Galas are special occasions that usually include entertainment and highlight a specific cause. Galas also involve getting dressed up in your nicest clothes, a cocktail hour, and a nice dinner. Hosting a gala makes for a fun night that helps fund your organization’s work.

  • Auctions – Auctions are another great fundraising tool. You can offer donated items, experiences, and more for supporters to bid on, with all the proceeds going toward your organization’s cause. Silent auctions are the most common type of auction used by nonprofits and offer something in return to donors who bid on items.


  • Athletic Events – Another fun idea is to host an athletic event, like a golf tournament, a race, a challenge, or any other event that will get your supporters to sign up. These events provide a fun experience for donors and your organization benefits from all the funds raised.


3.  Utilize Purchase With Purpose Packages

One of the most unique fundraising ideas is to utilize Purchase With Purpose Packages.
UA Abundance Packages, which are part of the UA Purchase With Purpose program — are similar to annuities. You pay a lump sum up front, then begin to receive payments in the future. 

But, UA Abundance Packages also offer additional benefits, like contributing funds to UA Legacy Grants to help individual grant recipients, charities, and more. Both nonprofit organizations and your individual supporters can purchase a grant package to support your cause with a steady stream of funds.


Additionally, the UA Legacy Grant Program can also directly help the individuals that your organization serves when you assign individual UA Abundance Packages that you’ve either purchased or received as a grant recipient. Your organization can easily apply for a grant, invest in Purchase With Purpose Packages, or learn more about our product!

At UA Legacy Grants, our mission is to empower over 1 million individuals with the tools needed to increase financial literacy and the ability to create financial abundance for their families. Our UA Abundance Packages help individuals and organizations to reach their financial goals, like making college more affordable for students, through our Purchase With Purpose program.  Between grant donors and contributions from our “for profit” sister company, Universal Achievers, we are able to provide granted financial wellness packages to those in need. 

Find out how you can
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