Gift Ideas That Give Back This Holiday Season

Every year, the holidays are a great time to spend time with family and friends, enjoy some time off from work, and show people how much you care about them through giving and receiving gifts. While these are all good things, the holidays are also an important time for giving back, supporting those who are making a difference in the world, and helping those in need. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the best gift ideas that give back this holiday season.


Holiday Gifts That Give Back

1.  Purchase Gifts From Small Businesses

Small businesses might not be directly fighting world hunger, but they do have a significant impact on the communities they serve and often support important local initiatives. One of the ways small businesses give back is by providing jobs within their communities. In 2016, small businesses in the U.S. employed nearly 60 million people which is over 47% of the private workforce. 


They also help to keep more money in the local economy, with the U.S. Small Business Administration stating that for every $100 spent at a small business, $48 remains in the local community. Compare that to spending $100 at a national retailer, in which case only $14 stays in the community.


While it’s nearly impossible to not shop at larger stores at some point, consider making a specific effort to shop local and support small businesses when you are buying gifts this holiday season. You’ll be helping local business owners make ends meet, ensure there are jobs in your community, and more of your money will stay local instead of going to giant corporations.


2.  Gifts From Companies That Do Good

There are also many different companies that do something good for every item they sell—some of which are probably small businesses that you’re already thinking of supporting!—and they offer a great way to purchase gifts that give back this holiday season. Here are some examples of companies that have a positive impact:


  • Amour Vert – AmourVert is a sustainable female clothing company that plants a tree for every tee shirt they sell.
  • BarkBox and KitNipBox – BarkBox and KitNipBox are two pet subscription services that supply toys and treats to pet owners each month. Both companies donate a portion of their proceeds to animal shelters and rescues.
  • BLK & Bold – BLK & Bold is a coffee and tea company that pledges 5% of its profits to helping at-risk youth.
  • Bombas – Bombas is a clothing company that donates one item of clothing to homeless shelters for every item purchased.
  • Cotopaxi – Cotopaxi makes sustainable outdoor clothing and gear. The company is part of Pledge 1% and is committed to giving at least 1% of revenue toward ending poverty.
  • Love With Food by Snack Nation – Love With Food is a snack subscription service from SnackNation that provides one meal to a family in need through Feeding America for every box purchased.
  • Patagonia – Patagonia is an outdoor clothing and supply company and has pledged 1% of all sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.
  • State Bags – State Bags is a bag and luggage company that gives back for every bag purchased. The company’s initiatives include donating fully-packed backpacks during bag drop rallies to help the students and families who need it most.
  • TOMS – TOMS is a footwear and apparel company that donates at least ⅓ of its profits to grassroots efforts and organizations.
  • United By Blue – United By Blue is an outdoor brand that removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every item purchased. 
  • Warby Parker – Warby Parker is a glasses company that has a Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program which donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair bought.


These companies represent only a small portion of organizations that do good through their businesses. If you have specific gifts in mind for a friend or loved one, consider researching the companies that sell those gifts (or similar products) and find out if they give back to important causes. This will enable you to get the perfect present for someone while also making a positive impact in the world.


3.  Support Charities & Nonprofits Directly

Another idea for gifts that give back this holiday season is to support charities directly. Many charities and nonprofit organizations sell their own items, which can make for great holiday gifts and directly support their mission. Here are some examples of great gifts that also have a positive impact:


  • 4ocean – 4ocean is a nonprofit focused on eliminating ocean pollution. For every bracelet they sell, one pound of trash is removed from oceans and coastlines.
  • The Elephant Project – The Elephant Project supports multiple nonprofits that are focused on ending the poaching crisis. 100% of the profits from their stuffed animals go to the organizations fighting to help real animals.
  • Oceana – Oceana is another nonprofit focused on saving the world’s oceans. They offer a wide variety of gifts, including adoption packs where you “adopt” a real animal in the wild and receive a stuffed animal version.
  • Thistle Farms – Thistle Farms is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors recover and heal from prostitution, trafficking, and addiction. They do this through a residential program, providing jobs for victims, and more, with each purchase supporting their impact.
  • UNICEF – UNICEF’s market offers many unique, hand-crafted gifts that help provide lifesaving supplies to children in need all around the world.
  • World Wildlife Foundation – The World Wildlife Foundation is another nonprofit that lets you symbolically adopt a real animal and sends a plush version for you to keep.


These are only a few of the organizations you can purchase gifts from this holiday season. If there are organizations and causes that are close to your heart, consider looking on their website to see if there are any gifts you can get from them this year. Even if an organization doesn’t offer gifts, you can always make a donation in someone’s name and help fund a charity’s essential work.


4.  Purchase a UA Abundance Package


While it may not be a traditional gift, purchasing a UA Abundance Package is a creative present for a friend or family member this holiday season that also gives back to those in need. UA Abundance Packages are similar to annuities—you pay a lump sum, then begin to receive payments in the future. But, UA Abundance Packages also offer additional benefits, like contributing to funding UA Legacy Grants mission and helping to providing grants to individual recipients, charities, and more. 


The Purchase With Purpose program make this possible by combining multiple streams of income and distributing the funds with variable payouts based on maturity. You can then use these funds as a way to give creative holiday gifts, like helping your loved one pay for their college education, creating passive income, contributing to retirement supplementation and elder care, and more. At the same time, you are helping to give back through your grant purchase by helping grant recipients receive funds as well.



You can Purchase With Purpose this holiday season with us at UA Legacy Grants! Our mission is to empower individuals with the ability to build financial abundance for their families and give freely to the worthy causes they are passionate about.

Our UA Abundance Packages help individuals and organizations to reach their financial goals, like increased retirement income, through our Purchase With Purpose program. Between grant donors and our own contributions, we are able to provide granted financial wellness packages to those in need. Find out how you can learn more about what we do or purchase your own UA Abundance Package today

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